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The National Bullying Intervention Talk-Line  800-770-0925 

The National Human Trafficking Helpline 800-252-0788

The National Missing Persons Helpline 800-251-1730



BULLY AVENGERS Anti-Bullying Program provides intervention support for organizations, employees, school districts, parents and youths seeking bullying intervention training, support, and intervention. 

If someone is making you or someone you know feel sad and unsafe, please contact the BULLY AVENGERS for free support.




1. INTERVENTION: Our program provides prevention and intervention training for organizations, school district staff and youths assembly programs. We also provide direct intervention in communicating with school and district staff to ensure that the child's bullying incident is being taken seriously and that schools fully enforce their zero-tolerance policy for the safety of children being bullied or children who may be negatively impacted by a student seeking revenge through gun violence. 


2. INSTRUCTION: We help parents to identify signs that their child might be suicidal or prone to extreme violence. We then provide guidance, resources, and support to assist parents with removing their child from a volatile situation if need be and protecting the mental and emotional well being of the child being bullied.


3. ANTI-BULLYING COUNSELING:  We provide emotional support to parents and children who are facing bullying in schools. Counseling is designed to understand the mental and emotional impact the situation is having on both parent and child and provide the needed emotional support systems to encourage and instill hope of change and to improve their present situation. 


4. LAW ENFORCEMENT: Many parents are unaware of their rights to file restraining orders or get police assistance in dealing with their child's bullying situation. We help parents understand their available options when seeking support from local law enforcement officers.   


5. SAFE ZONES: If parents are forced to remove their child from a school temporarily for their child's safety, we are partnering with organizations throughout the 50 states to provide a safe environment for youths to do their school work while their parents are at work. These safe zones are supported by organizations who volunteer and have passed background checks. (We are always looking to partner with schools, library, organizations and nonprofits who are willing to volunteer as safe zones for these children temporarily while we help them enroll in a new school.)


6. AWARENESS: Parents and children who go through our program and willing to share their story publicly to spread awareness are interviewed on our self-sponsored program called "The Bully Report." This program walks viewers through the process of reporting bullying incidents and features revealing interviews with parents and children are willing to share their story. The purpose of the program is to raise awareness and help parents and children understand that they no longer have to suffer in silence and that there is a free program to help them through their bullying plight. 



Joseph Bonner is the Founder of the Bully Avengers Anti-Bullying Program and been instrumental in providing international bullying intervention support both online and via phone support. 

He is also the Publisher of the international magazine, Legend, providing inspirational advice in the areas of health, business, and  life. In addition, he is a seasoned journalist covering national and international headlines for multiple media outlets.  

Joseph Bonner


Aalyiah Eslava, has worked with the Bully Avengers since it's founding and has been instrumental in organizing international volunteer efforts.   

Because of her tireless efforts, Bully Avengers now has volunteers all over the world!


Aalyiah Eslava


Kevin Whaley is a powerful director, assisting our program in raising national awareness and providing  resources and information to media internationally. 

He is also currently the head of corporate security for a company based out of Leawood, Kansas. 

Kevin Whaley




800-770-0925 x1 

99 Wall Street #356, New York, NY 10005



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